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CLINF flyer with project summary (EN, SE, NO, DK, FI, GL, IS, RUNorthsami)

General presentation of the CLINF Nordic Centre of Excellence

CLINF interim results:

Adaptation challenges for Nordic societies (May 2018)

Mapping of infectious diseases in animals (May 2018)

Hydro-climatic data for projected future conditions (May 2018)

Geography and climate sensitivity of northern infectious diseases (May 2018)

List of putative CSI selected for CLINF research

Hydrological basins selected for modelling

Network of CLINF stakeholder organisations

CLINF contacts in Russia


CLINF publications:

Epstein et al. (2018) Bulletin Am. Meteorol. Soc., Tundra greeness.

Aurosell 2018 (M.Sc. thesis). Prevalence of pestivirus in reindeer

Berggren 2017 (M.Sc. thesis). The impact of climate change on zoonotic infectious diseases.

Böhme 2017 (M.Sc. thesis). CLINF stakeholder analysis: Inferring the network of CLINF stakeholder organisations from Nuuk to Yakutsk

Bonebrake et al. (2017) Biol Rev Camb Philos SocManaging consequences of climate-driven species redistribution requires integration of ecology, conservation and social science.

Fauchald et al (2017) Science advances. Arctic greening from warming promotes declines in caribou populations.

Karlsen et al (2017) Climate Research. Future forest distribution on Finnmarksvidda, North Norway.

Martin et al (2017) Environ. Res. Lett. Shrub growth and expansion in the Arctic tundra: an assessment of controlling factors using an evidence-based approach.

Pecl et al (2017) Science Biodiversity redistribution under climate change: Impacts on ecosystems and human well-being.

Tokarevich et al (2017) Medical Safety & Global Health. Seroprevalence of tick-borne diseases in the population of the European North of Russia.

Tokarevich et al (2017) Int J Circumpolar Health. Impact of air temperature variation on the ixodid ticks habitat and tick-borne encephalitis incidence in the Russian Arctic: the case of the Komi Republic.

Bring et al (2016) J of Geophysical Research Arctic terrestrial hydrology: A synthesis of processes, regional effects, and research challenges.

Riseth et al (2016) J of Forest Economics



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