Courses, workshops, conferences

CLINF-RII Kick-off workshop 27-29 May 2019, Moscow.

CLINF-RII Seminar 16 May 2019 at SVA, Uppsala

CLINF in Abisko and Kiruna 3-6 Dec 2018

  • Townhall meeting 3 Dec at Kiruna Folkets hus with CLINF researchers Birgitta Evengård, Grete Hovelsrud, Camilla Risvoll and Anders Sjöstedt.
  • Stakeholder workshop 3-5 Dec at Abisko Scientific Research Station. Check out the link for more information!
  • CLINF-internal meetings: workshop on scientific methodology 3 Dec, annual project meeting 5/6 Dec and Advisory Board meeting 6 Dec

Seminar on Aspects of reindeer herding and their importance for infectious diseases 24 Sep 2018, Uppsala.

Joint Workshop on supplementary feeding of reindeer 22/23 March 2018, Kiruna.


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