GIS courses with CLINF touch

When: 2 November 2020 - 17 January 2021

Where: SLU Uppsala and online

Training in geographic information analysis at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Several courses on the use of geographic information systems (GIS) for academic studies are offered. Participants have the possibility to carry out case studies on CLINF-related subjects. Read more here about how geographic analysis could be interesting for you in your research.

See SLU’s education hub for general information and for information on specific course, see the following course codes:

TN0329: GIS and Geographic Analysis, 15 credits, 100% (2 Nov 2020 – 17 Jan 2021)

TE0017: Geographic information systems for environmental and natural science studies, 7.5 credits, 100% (3 Dec 2020 – 17 Jan 2021),

TE0018: Geographic information systems for engineers, 5 credits, 35% (2 Nov 2020 – 17 Jan 2021)