Workshop on supplementary feeding of reindeer

When: 22 March 2018 - 23 March 2018

Where: Kiruna, Sweden

A joint action of the CLINF, ReiGN and REXSAC Nordic Centres of Excellence with additional support from NordForsk.

What are the challenges and opportunities from supplementary feeding of reindeer? Researchers from three Nordic Centres of Excellence meet with reindeer herders from Sweden, Norway and Finland to discuss

  • which factors are taken into consideration when decisions for or against supplementary feeding are made;
  • what might be the consequences of supplementary feeding; and
  • what can we learn from experiences in neighbouring countries?

The workshop is by invitation only.

Invitation Workshop on supplementary feeding Kiruna March 2018

See also the radio interview published on 27 Mar and the brief summary in our news section.