Citizens to collect ticks in northern Sweden


The Swedish National Veterinary Institute, SVA, is asking for help with collecting ticks from humans and animals in the northern part of the country, north of Dalälven.

The purpose of this initiative, which takes place under the CLINF umbrella, is to support the mapping of tick species distribution and of the pathogenic microorganisms these might carry. We know that ticks expand their geographical distribution further north and to higher altitudes, but we know very little about which and how much infectious diseases they might bring to the North, says CLINF coordinator Ann Albihn. Some infectious diseases of interest, which have already been diagnosed in animals and humans in southern Sweden are Anaplasmosis (betesfeber), Babesiosis (sommarsjuka), Lyme disease (borrelia) and Tick Borne Encephalitis (hjärnhinneinflammation, TBE).

In connection with SVA’s press release and a post on Facebook, Ann Albihn was interviewed by several radio channels and news papers in the target regions (Norrbotten, Västerbotten and VästerNorrland).