Two CLINF articles from the team at Stockholm University


Within one week two manuscripts by the team of Professor Georgia Destouni were accepted for publication.

In the first paper the team shows that a large increase in tularemia outbreaks can be expected in parts of Sweden due to ongoing climate change. The findings are timely as we are currently seeing several reports from the Public Health Agency and in Swedish media about large increase in tularemia cases this year. Read more here and see the actual publication.

The second article entitled Contrasting hydroclimatic model-data agreements over the Nordic-Arctic region, has been accepted for publication in Earth’s Future . In this study the team has investigated the uncertainty – or robustness – of model projections at various investigation scales of the Nordic-Arctic region. Across scales, the results show an unexpectedly high level of model-data agreement for runoff, close to that for surface temperature, and consistently higher than for precipitation or evapotranspiration.