Workshop report on supplementary feeding of reindeer now available


In English and four nordic languages!

In 2018 reindeer herders from all over Fennoscandia met with researchers from the three Nordic Centres of Excellence CLINF, REXSAC and ReiGN to discuss the challenges and opportunities of supplementary feeding. The insights into the complex issue of supplementary feeding that resulted from this workshop are now presented in a public report. 

From the preface:

Supplementary feeding can be seen as one consequence of the accelerating effects of climate and environmental change. It is also an aftermath of the increasing development of resource extraction. All are profoundly altering the prerequisites for reindeer husbandry. The diversity of these effects is reflected in the diversity of reindeer husbandry itself – including its historical, biogeographical and cultural dimensions.

The report is available in English, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish and Northsami.