Aspects of reindeer herding and their importance for infectious diseases

When: 24 September 2018 at 1:00pm - 24 September 2018 at 4:00pm

Where: room Ratatosk, Veterinary and Animal Science Center, SLU Uppsala, Sweden

A research seminar jointly organized by CLINF and the Graduate School for Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences at the Swedish University for Agricultural Sciences.

CLINF scientists present research results on the linkages between reindeer herding practices and infectious diseases. See the full program.

The following presentations are available:

  • Anna Omazic: Climate sensitive infections – Data collection, microbiological analyses in reindeer and “tick campaign”.
  • Denis Kolbasov: On outbreak and control of anthrax in Yamal.
  • Hans Tömmervik & Jan Åge Riseth: On social aspects of reindeer disease problems – The contribution of traditional knowledge to counteracting climate sensitive infections.
  • Juha Kantanen: Field work in Eastern Siberia – Sampling of reindeer in Yakutia for the CLINF project.
  • Morten Tryland: Virus infections in reindeer – A comparison between Norway and Iceland.
  • Nataly Pavelko: On reindeer infectious disease.