CLINF interim results

Reindeer health in climate change. Web pages on climate adaptation in reindeer husbandry with a focus on reindeer health, available in Swedish, Sami and English (2019)

Presentations from the ReinCSI workshop, 24-26 Sep 2019

Presentations from the CLINF-RII Seminar Climate change and infectious diseases – Examples from the Nordic countries and Russia with a focus on wildlife and semi-domesticated reindeer, 16 May 2019

Presentations given at the Seminar on Aspects of reindeer herding and their importance for infectious diseases, 24 Sep 2018.

Adaptation challenges for Nordic societies (May 2018)

Mapping of infectious diseases in animals (May 2018)

Hydro-climatic data for projected future conditions (May 2018)

Geography and climate sensitivity of northern infectious diseases (May 2018)

List of putative CSI selected for CLINF research

Hydrological basins selected for modelling

Network of CLINF stakeholder organisations

CLINF contacts in Russia

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